Unpacking our secret sauce: Data

GlowRadius platform deploys industrial grade data ingestion programs
that collect data and runs it's algorithms to reason over the data and uncover insights.

The data collected in GlowRadius platform comes from various sources

Non sensitive publicly domain data

We crawl publicly available data, reason over data stream and extract data that are relevant.
Our crawled data encompasses work profile, business email, contact numbers of company executives, decision makers
Our data does not include sensitive information such as
Financial information
Search history
Racial or ethnic origin
Health related data,
Genetic data or biometric information
Political affiliation
Sexual orientation

Third Party Data

We collaborate with other partners, who taps into public records, publicly available information, and business directories. We have put in place a robust infrastructure to review each vendor’s data collection procedure, security ofdata. We ensure each vendor provide us data that is legal, and compliant withall data privacy laws, including GDPR and CCPA. We have regular audits toensure our data is compliant to any applicable laws and regulations and contracts are updated to reflect that.

Pattern based synthesized data

Our pattern matching algorithm can predict and auto complete information from internal database and publicly available data. Identification of business emailis one such example based on historical email patterns. We attach a confidence score with each synthesized data point. Synthesized data helps in factoring in latest information rather than relying on stale information.

GlowRadius strictly follows guidelines as recommended by applicable privacy laws, ensuring that all data collection and processing align with law.

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