Make prospecting tasks disappear. At warp speed.

One Power App with custom built automations for sales development rockstars. Book 2X more meetings.

Make prospecting tasks disappear. At warp speed.

Repurpose saved time to book 2X more meetings.

Do I really need one more app? May be NO

As sales development professional

do you have these in your prospecting arsenal?

Present state of pipeline workflow for sales development?

What is causing you book less meetings?

Discovering accounts, researching insights, scoring and qualifying, finding icebreakers, personalizing at scale, finding email, personal phone, maintaining CRM hygiene -- It’s time consuming, inefficient and frustrating.

What exactly is Stream?  

How is it different from a traditional B2B prospect list?

Age old B2B Prospect Lists are sitting on ticking time bomb. Revenue professionals agree that old school techniques of carpet bombing entire "List" is a recipe for missing revenue goals. 

It is critically important to locate best-fit accounts that are in hyperactive buying cycle and connect through at-scale-personalization. All without wasting countless hours.

Enter Stream

Stream is like B2B prospect list but for reimagined for 2021. Stream is built on foundation of ABM and Intent based marketing.

How Periscope puts sales development
workflow on Steroid?

Make sales development tasks disappear at warp speed. Repurpose time in booking meeting.

Build Pineline Lightening Speed

Build Pipeline of accounts showing intent from inside LinkedIn or Sales Navigator.

Score and Qualify Accounts and Persona

dual scoring helps to prioritize best opportunities and put extra time.Prioritize accounts that are most likely to convert

Find Work from Home mobile and deep Inspection Email

Each Email is Real time validated as people change job frequently. Deep Inspection mail come with confidence scoreand helps you prevent catch all domain emails go waste. Find Personal mobile number most of the decision makers work from home

The Great Balancing Act of Pipeline Building

The chances of missing pipeline goals continues to go high

Periscope app puts sales development workflows on steroid

Get more positive responses. Book 2X more more meetings.

The TL;DR version

Not using Stream?

Calculate Lost Revenue

Periscopeis custom built for sales development teams.
While other tools cater to HR,freelancers, business owners, you-name-it-we-sell segments,
Periscope is custom built just for sales professionals.  

Book meetings the way top 1% does. Without stress, hope and prayer.  

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