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How top percentile teams use signals for building pipeline?

Ability to locate important events and signals in TAM, unlocks untapped opportunities

​​How Chorus AI uses signals such as new executive churn in pipeline playbook?

Becc Holland explains how layering executive churn and your alumni customer list can leveraged for building pipeline and new opportunity
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How Lemlist leverages job description to trace buying signals and start conversation?

Guillaume and team find unique job posting based signals to locate new opportunities and leverage the insights to strike personalized conversations
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How Gorgias leverage 10,000 SMB data to uncover signals and build pipeline?

Romain and team leverage TAM data and enrichment to find unique patterns. These act as navigator in determining which accounts to attack
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How Pandadoc leverages buying signals such as leadership changes?

PandaDoc identifies signals such as department growth, alumni customers, tool usage to trace buying window and prioritise accounts
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How Chilli Piper uses alumni customer resignation in pipeline?

How layering executive churn and your alumni customer list can be leveraged for building pipeline. This becomes lethal as exec churn is all time high
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​​How Metadata leverages non traditional data signals and filters in building pipeline?

Metadata has unique ways of layering filters and different signals, that creates unique insights and use that to build targeted lists
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